In 2020 I set a goal to write a historical fiction short story for kids each week. Somehow, I wrote 52 stories and published each one in my newsletter.

Recently, I organized the short stories into 15 “collections.” As of today, each collection of stories is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. Search “Splash Read” on Amazon and Audible.

Thank you to my wife, Camie, who did not shoot down this project when I pitched it to her. She encouraged me, gave feedback, and illustrated every cover.

My sons listened to story after story and were not shy about telling me when something didn’t work.

Alissa Aldous and Jen Johnson spent hours reading each story, providing invaluable commentary, and teaching me all about punctuation.

Thank you to the subscribers of the newsletter where these stories were first published. You all kept me accountable each week!